Early Bird Review Process

The Early Bird review process is a form of mentoring, principally for new researchers. However, anyone is eligible to make use of it.

Research papers submitted through the Early Bird process must be received by the Early Bird due date (i.e. the closing date that is about one month earlier than the closing date for all research papers). They must meet the requirements as set out for MERGA Research Papers.

Early Bird papers should be uploaded on the conference website.  Please make it clear that your paper is an early bird paper, and make sure it is received by the due date for early bird papers.

When an Early Bird paper is received, it is sent out for review. Early Bird papers undergo the normal MERGA reviewing process. There are three possible outcomes of the reviewing processing:

  • 1. The paper may be accepted (for presentation at the conference and publication in the proceedings), and nothing further is then required

  • 2. The reviewers may indicate that revisions are required. In such cases papers should be corrected and sent back to the editors. They are not usually sent out for review again. The editors decide whether the paper is accepted for publication as well as presentation at the conference.

  • 3. A paper may be rejected in its current form. In this case, the author(s) has the opportunity to rewrite the paper in light of the comments provided by the reviewers and then resubmit it by the closing date for standard papers. It will then be sent out for review like all other papers submitted at that time.

Authors are notified of the outcome as soon as possible (usually within a few weeks, and in time for resubmission). Letters  are sent to authors to indicate (a) accepted for publication, (b) small revisions required, (c) or major rewriting required.

NB. Please clearly indicate that your paper is an Early Career Award paper, and make sure it is received by the due date for Early Bird papers