Mathematics Teacher Education and Development (MTED)

The Mathematics Teacher Education and Development Journal (MTED), an official journal of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia, Inc. (MERGA), is an international refereed journal which provides a stimulating collection of articles with a focus on mathematics teacher education in the broader sense.

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Vol 19, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents


Scales, rubrics and frameworks: how we describe the complexity of mathematics teacher education PDF
Fiona Ell, Jodie Hunter, Robin Averill


A Case Study of Teachers’ Development of Well-Structured Mathematical Modelling Activities PDF
Micah Stohlmann, Cathrine Maiorca, Charlie Allen
K-8 Pre-service Teachers’ Algebraic Thinking: Exploring the Habit of Mind Building Rules to Represent Functions PDF
Marta T. Magiera, Leigh A van den Kieboom, John C Moyer
Preservice and novice teachers’ knowledge on preformal proofs: Triangle postulate as an example PDF
Kui Chui Issic Leung, Chun Yeung Lee
Exploring how understandings from abstract algebra can influence the teaching of structure in early algebra PDF
Nicholas Wasserman
Learning mathematics for teaching mathematics: non-specialist teachers’ mathematics teacher identity PDF
Cosette Crisan, Melissa Rodd
Fear, Loathing and Ambivalence toward Learning and Teaching Mathematics: Preservice Teachers’ Perspectives PDF
Diane Itter, Noel Meyers
Prospective elementary teachers’ beliefs about collaborative problem solving and dialogue in mathematics PDF
Constantinos Xenofontos, Artemis Kyriakou
Orchestrating productive whole class discussions: The role of designed student responses PDF
Sheila Evans, Clare Dawson