Mathematics Teacher Education and Development (MTED)

The Mathematics Teacher Education and Development Journal (MTED), an official journal of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia, Inc. (MERGA), is an international refereed journal which provides a stimulating collection of articles with a focus on mathematics teacher education in the broader sense.

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Vol 19, No 3 (2017)

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Amy MacDonald, Bob Perry

List of Reviewers

Thanks to Reviewers PDF
Amy MacDonald, Bob Perry

Special Issue Article

Collective but Diverse: Preschool Teachers Networking to Develop Toddler Mathematics PDF
Hanna Palmér, Camilla Björklund
Developing Pre-service Teachers’ Knowledge for Teaching in the Early Years: Selecting and Sequencing PDF
Sharyn Livy, Ann Downton, Tracey Muir
To Gain Knowledge of How to be Challenging: Preschool Mathematics Professional Development PDF
Ola Helenius, Maria L Johansson, Troels Lange, Tamsin Meaney, Anna Wernberg
Evidence of Teacher Change after Participating in TRIAD’s Learning Trajectories-based Professional Development and after Implementing Learning Trajectory-based Mathematics Instruction PDF
Julie Sarama, Douglas H Clements, Mary Elaine Spitler
Mathematics-related Competence of Early Childhood Teachers Visiting a Continuous Professional Development Course: An Intervention Study PDF
Julia Bruns, Lars Eichen, Hedwig Gasteiger
Developing a Theoretical Framework to Inform the Design of a Teacher Professional Development Program to Enable Foundation to Year 2 Teachers of Mathematics to Build on Indigenous and Low-SES Students' Cultural Capital PDF
Robyn Anderson, Alexander Stütz, Thomas James Cooper, Rod Nason
Sharpening the Focus on Numbers and Counting: Preschool Educators Differentiating Aspects of Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching PDF
Camilla Björklund, Maria Alkhede