eMERGing Researchers Day

 Each year the MERGA executive invite up to 20 emerging researchers (early career researchers; post-doctoral researchers; PhD and master students) in mathematics education to take part in an emerging researchers day. This one day event provides emerging researchers (ERs) with the opportunity to work alongside more experienced researchers to develop writing and research skills.

A major part of the day is ERs working closely with experienced researchers on papers they have prepared. Each ER will submit a manuscript which will be shared between their group members (4-5 ERs) and the experienced researcher leading the session. Each ER will receive feedback on the paper as to how they can strengthen the article for a future publication. All ERs will submit their paper 10 days before the workshop so this can be distributed to their group members.

Event details are communicated to current MERGA members via the member's newsletter.


Career Development

The MERGA Executive are interested in hearing your ideas about future topics for a career development day. Please email your suggested topics to the VP Development